chemical vs organic

What Chemical-Based Lawn, Tree & Shrub Care Practitioners
Do Not Want You To Know!

side by side comparison

Side By Side Comparison


  1. Healthy soils, nurtured with specific organic materials - ABSOLUTELY do not need to have holes poked in them with a machine to effect an "aeration."

  2. A healthy growing environment for turf ... absolutely will not cause that turf to develop a destructive layer of dead roots and stems ... which is called thatch.

  3. Chemically-dependent plants are weak plants.

  4. Weak plants (turf, trees and shrubs) ATTRACT disease and insect problems.

  5. Improperly nurtured and balanced soils CAUSE "weeds" to grow.

Reacting to all these "problems" with mechanical devices (aerating and de-thatcing), and multitudinous sprays of this and that chemical ... earn millions of dollars each week during the season.

Obviously, keeping these facts from the public is a prime concern of many.

Exposing these facts, and then offering materials, programs and procedures to address these moneymaking "problems," has been the intent of Nature's ProŽ, and many other pioneers, during the last twenty-five years.

It is the public - who is demanding less chemical usage ... that is forcing professionals to take another look ... a very hard look, at what Nature's ProŽ and others have been doing for decades. It is public opinion that is forcing this revolution ... which isn't a revolution at all, because the organic-approach to landscape care was well entrenched prior to WW II.

However, now the public's demand for better-looking landscapes, better than what we expected sixty years ago, and maintained at a reasonable cost, has required Nature's ProŽ to develop advanced procedures to meet the public's demand. This we have done, and continue to improve as we learn and discover more about Natural Systems and our proper role as caretakers.

If this interests you, then maybe you will join us as we "convert" one landscape at a time from chemical-based programs to more natural, organic-based programs of care.

It's better for both the wallet, and the environment!