10-3-5 Bio Turf & Soil Nutrition

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An organic, plant-based granular product with a broad spectrum of nutritional components designed to energize biological systems in the soil, bringing renewed vitality and natural resilience to your lawn. Includes humates, kelp, soy meal, primary, secondary, and micronutrients.

Why “Turf” = Soil Nutrition

With all of the product choices available to help your lawn be thick, rich and green, why would you choose “Turf “?

It's Not Just Fertilizer

"Turf" is a series of applications uniquely formulated to address the broad range of nutritional needs your lawn requires. Depending on your location and conditions, the number of applications may vary.

It’s Not Toxic

Many fertilizers are made of toxic high salt, high chloride chemicals. Over time, they build up in the soil, gradually making the soil too toxic for millions of healthy microbes and earthworms to live. When the necessary bacteria and fungi die, the soil gradually gets harder and harder. Soil becomes so compact that grass roots are not strong enough to grow deep. The lawn becomes more fragile, subject to disease and drought.

It Is Organic

Some applications are totally organic, others have ingredients that are not toxic, but are not organic. Small amounts of additives contribute to the broad nutritional needs required by your lawn. The overwhelming composition of “Turf” = Soil Nutrition is as natural as the earth, untouched by chemicals.

Think Compost

Compost is a great source of nutritional components for turf grasses. After an extensive period of “aging” ranging from one year to thousands of years, the organic matter is finally “broken down” into easily digestible components, ready to nourish the thousands of varieties of micro-organisms that the lawn requires to truly flourish.


Soil Food Web

A healthy lawn grows out of soil that is full of life. Micro-organisms work their way down into the soil, loosening the soil particles, making passages for rain and oxygen (the roots of grass plants have to breathe, too!) to penetrate deeper into the earth. These microscopic miners feed on dead roots, stems and grass blades and ultimately become part of the food chain for larger creatures, like earthworms. A lawn without earthworms is a lawn that’s in trouble. It tells you that there is very little life in the soil.

Timing is important

Grass plants go through an annual life cycle. The “Turf” = Soil Nutrition Program is designed to support that life cycle throughout the year, each application designed to address the particular nutritional and biological needs as they change during the season.

“Turf” is:

“Turf” promotes:


Everything your lawn needs.

A beautiful, resilient, luxurious lawn

Everything the soil needs

Peace of mind for you.


Without toxic ingredients

Life in the soil



A Note From Mother Nature:

Be patient with me. Treating me with respect and providing your property with good nutritional products might not provide the instantaneous results you are looking for. But you may be surprised how quickly I can respond too. Good health is a process that just improves with time. You will be rewarded for your patience!