Challenges of Agriculture

There are all types of gardens and special plant needs within gardens:
Agricultral Products

  • spacerGround Covers

  • Shrubs

  • Flowers, annuals and perennials

  • Moss

  • Vegetable Gardens

  • The list goes on...

Some plants require acid soil, others want less water. Some plants want lots of sunlight and others very little. Most plants need good soil.

We’ll have to leave picking the right plant for the right amount of sunlight up to you, but we can help you with pretty much everything else. We have products that can add lots of organic material or micro-nutrients. We can add to the life of your soil with live microbes, the result of using compost tea. Some products are liquid and some are granular. Nature’s Pro even has products that can aerate your soil without the use of a machine. So there are many ways we can help.

Organic SoilspacerWe suggest you begin at the beginning. It’s important to get a picture of where you are starting. For your body, that is a doctor’s examination. For your plants, you begin with a comprehensive, nutrient-availability soil test, not an agriculture test.

The Prescription Soil Analysis examines many items that a standard test does not, 19 different data points to be exact. Armed with the Recommendations that result from the test(s), you will have a step-by-step plan, not just for the property in general, but each individual bed, or plant type, or vegetable, or individual tree or shrub if you like.

The best way to maintain your gardens is the way that is most natural to them, without a lot of chemicals and Organic Soilcontrol products. By in large, healthy plants do not get sick. Planting quality plants in Healthy Soil, and then managing them, supporting them with balanced food-grade nutrients, conditioning the soil, and providing food sources for the beneficial microbes in the soil, this is what the plants in your gardens prefer.

Nature’s Pro, with 50 years of experience in creating plant-sourced humate products (ideal for plants, soil and soil biology), not animal-sourced products (which are not as compatible to plants), knows what your plants need. We even have food-grade foliar fertilizers with micronutrients that are easy and cost-effective to apply.

To Summarize:

1. Healthy plants want to grow in as natural environment as possible.
Organic Soil

2. They want an environment that matches their specific pH and nutrient needs.

3. Healthy plants want to grow in Healthy Soil.

4. The Prescription Soil Analysis makes specific recommendations to correct poor soil as well as specie-specific nutrient and pH Recommendations for the plant.

5. Nature’s Pro products are based on plant-sourced ingredients favored by plants.

6. Nature’s Pro products support all aspects of Healthy Soil including nutrients for plants, food for the soil’s biology, and conditioners to build quality soil structure.